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Hydroponic Flood Table System

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Hydroponic Flood Table System

A complete 4 x 4 flood and drain hydroponics system. Includes 4×4 flood table, 38 gallon reservoir, water pump, h2o pump, air stones, tubing and more.
We have wide variety of flood table sizes and types, to fit the needs of all growers. Hydroponic flood tables are also commonly known as flood trays and grow .
After growing chilli plants with different hydroponic systems for nearly ten years, one hydroponic. Easy to integrate into balcony, a table or growing corner.
Large-scale commercial propagation systems using the flood and drain. Flood tables have also become popular for intensive crop production of shorter crop .
How a hydroponic flood and drain system operates quite simple.. The flooding table/tray flood and drain (ebb and flow) system type setup is useful when you .
In Flood and Drain systems (also known as Ebb and Flow), the process is controlled. It is positioned as close as possible to the base of the flood & drain tray.

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