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Best Lettuce For Hydroponics

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Best Lettuce For Hydroponics

Plant this variety all-year-round using hydroponics and grow lights. Garlic Chives. Gourmet, Lettuce. Romaine Classic, Lettuce. Green Salad Bowl, Lettuce. Little Gem, Lettuce. Bloomsdale, Spinach.
Lettuce grown hydroponically in Mr Stacky Tower Gardens; * Grows best in the cooler months * Needs full sun during winter (min 4-6 hours p/day) and shaded .
Romaine lettuce does best when provided higher fertility than loose-leaf types. . Lettuce varieties that excel in hydroponic growing environments typically have .
Of fundamental importance to hydroponic lettuce production are the physical components. develop best under constant lighting conditions with specific, closely .
Lettuce is one of the best hydro plants you can grow. Read our great tips on growing hydroponic lettuce and microgreens..

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