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Split Rail Fence Installation

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Split Rail Fence Installation

Posts and Rails. Install the end posts first. This will establish a reference so you can make sure the line posts are set in line. Check each post to make sure it's plumb using a post level. Set each line post, insert rails and check the length and fit as you progress. Fill holes with soil and tamp to firm.
Split Rail / Slip Board Fence Layout and Installation Guide. Sample Order: 225' of 3 rail Split Rail / Slip Board Fence with (1) 4'w gate in a back yard .
Average cost to install split rail fence is about $14.28 per foot (Pinewood 360 feet x 48” tall). Find here detailed information about split rail fence costs .
Tamp the gravel thoroughly with a digging bar or a 2 × 4 so the layer is flat and level. Set and measure the first post. Drop the post in its hole, and then hold it plumb while you measure from the ground to the desired height. If necessary, add or remove gravel and re‑tamp to adjust the post height.
Installing a split rail fence is an great way to add character to your yard. Heres how to install a split rail fence in your yard.

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