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Plant Safe Deck Cleaner

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Plant Safe Deck Cleaner

. harming nearby plants—by mixing up and applying homemade deck cleaner.. While the ingredients suggested here are relatively safe and won't damage .
Deck Wash is made from hydrogen peroxide and there are no chemical odors or fumes. Deck Wash will not harm plants or grass and it's safe to use over water. It biodegrades very rapidly — only hours after use. Deck Wash will not harm people or pets, and it will not stain other surfaces.
The lack of toxicity was crucial for her since she had plants surrounding her deck and pets that would be. Here's what you'll need for this safe deck cleaner:.
Fortunately, there are a variety of deck cleaners available that will not harm the stain.. any harsh chemicals, it is safe to use on decks and will not harm the stain.. bleach, oxygen bleach will not damage wood stain or cause harm to plants.
Hello everyone – Happy New Year to you all! Lets hope 2010 is a great year for gardening with the right amount of rain and lots of sunshine .
In this article I review some of the best deck cleaners on the market and make my top. It's completely biodegradable and safe to use around lawns and plants.

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