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Chemicals For Hot Tub Water Change

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Chemicals For Hot Tub Water Change

Weekly maintenance. Test water for bromine (or chlorine), pH and alkalinity. Adjust pH to 7.6 – 8.2 and alkalinity to 100. Add 1 capful of stain and scale control and 1 ounce of a spa clarifier like Natural Clear.
For this reason, you must periodically drain and re-fill your hot tub water.. solids in the water will increase over time despite regular chemical maintenance.
When adjusting hot tub chemical levels, add one chemical to the water, and then. .. dissolved solids (TDS) test strip to decide when to change your spa water.
This ultimate guide to hot tub water care covers the best way to keep hot tub water clean, going into details on hot tub and spa chemicals and their proper use.
Hot tub chemicals, hot tub water care and the maintenance of the filters in. to the entire spa surface everytime you change the spa water (every 2 to 3 months).

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