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Calcium Hardness Increaser For Hot Tub

Calcium Hardness Increaser For Hot Tub

Brilliance for Spas Calcium Hardness Increaser 14oz; Calcium Hardness increaser for spas and hot tubs; Calcium Hardness range should be 200-400 ppm .
Spa Calcium Increaser. Natural Chemistry's Spa Calcium Increaser is used to raise calcium hardness in spa water. Calcium hardness in spa water should be maintained between 150-250 ppm. Low calcium hardness levels could cause the spa water to be corrosive which may result in damage to the spa surface or equipment.
Calcium hardness is the measure of how hard or soft your hot tub water is, and. to raise calcium hardness is by adding a calcium hardness increaser such as .
How to Adjust Calcium Hardness in Your Hot Tub. Use a test strip reader to get the level of water's calcium hardness.. Step 3 – Increase Calcium Hardness.

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